Our Story

Jan Childress with two daughters, Sarah & Kate

Sarah & Kate with their little kiddos!

In 1985 our mom, Jan Childress, started J.L. Childress with an essential invention: the Express Bag - a system to transport and store her breast pump and milk while working. Thirty years later, J.L. Childress is still thoughtfully designing high-quality products that are practical and multi-functional. With this same philosophy and a bit of our own spirit, we created jay elle.

As working and breastfeeding moms, we've experienced the struggles and triumphs of pumping while away from our babies. Like our mom before us, we were inspired to create a line of products to help.

What's more, jay elle offers a community of support and encouragement. Moms of our generation have access to extensive resources and are joined by more pumping moms than ever before, yet the journey can still feel lonely. Trust us...we get it! And you're not alone.

So don't worry mama, we've got this covered. From two generations of working and pumping moms, we're working hard every day to make your life a little easier.


Kate & Sarah