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  • Bree C.'s Personal Pumping Story

    I thought breastfeeding while working would be SO easy because I work part-time from home. I envisioned myself hiding in my bedroom at my desk working all day while my daughter played with her nanny or went for walks. I thought I would pump and happily stock the fridge and freezer with plenty of ... View Post

  • Cheryl F.'s Personal Pumping Story

    Baby #1: When I became pregnant I knew I was interested in breast feeding but knew very little on how to actually breastfeed a baby! I took a breastfeeding class at a local maternity shop, and remember being completely overwhelmed but I was determined to make it work for my little baby’s health. ... View Post

  • Stephanie F.'s Personal Pumping Story

    When I had my first child (Grant) I was so excited to just meet him and was just overjoyed and thought since he latched on right away in the hospital and at home that pumping would be a breeze. I am a teacher and it was mid July so I wasn’t really worried about the need to pump right away, but I ... View Post