Sarah's Back-to-Work Journey - Tip #2

My second tip for heading back to work is...get shopping! :) It's important to have the right clothes to make pumping as easy as possible. Most clothes that are good for pumping are also good for nursing, so it makes sense to invest in a couple key pieces that will help you along your breastfeeding journey. Everyone has different preferences & styles, and depending on where you work will have different clothing requirements as well (i.e. a teacher, a health professional, a business professional, etc.). We're pretty casual in the jay elle office, so most of what I wear to work I can also wear on the weekends when I'm nursing instead of pumping.


Some styles to consider:

- button-down shirts...a great 'normal clothes' option 

- tops you can easily layer over a nursing tank ( I love wearing my nursing tanks under other tops so I can still have a 'cute' top later and a more 'functional' bottom layer. I also really like the fact that with a nursing tank, I still have a shirt covering my belly when either pumping or nursing and it's not totally exposed.)

- clothes specifically designed for nursing and/or favorite brands include Rosie Pope, Loyal Hana and Love Comma.


Happy pumping!