Lauren G.'s Personal Pumping Story

While I am burdened with incredibly challenging pregnancies that include anti-nausea medicine and trips to the emergency room, I've been blessed with a large supply and hungry babies who latch easily. 


Breastfeeding is such a beautiful, natural gift that we've been given as mothers. I love the instant bond with my newborns, and special time cozying up for a feeding together. I mean, our body MAKES our baby's FOOD! And we don't even have to remember to bring a bottle or wash anything afterwards. How amazing is that?


And yet, I am deeply grounded by the fact that when I strap on a breast pump, I feel like a cow. Every. Single. Time. With my first daughter, I was so proud of the commitment I was making to her when I went back to work. Until the first time I had to pump in a bathroom. Or in a closet. And once my car because a training went long and I needed some serious relief before I sprung a leak! Then there's the time I spilled an entire pumped bottle and cried for almost 20 minutes. (Whoever said, "it's not worth crying over spilled milk" clearly was NOT a pumping mom!) Suddenly this beautiful thing wasn't looking so beautiful anymore.


I had to schedule meetings around the times I knew I'd feel engorged, around 3 times each day while at work. I had to limit the amount of times I went to the coffee pot. I had to time my final pumping session to make sure I'd have enough left once I picked the baby up again. The logistics of it all! While it wasn't always easy, and it was rarely pretty, I eventually fell into a new routine. Eventually it didn't seem quite so hard anymore.


My first two weened right after their first birthdays, around the time they started walking and didn't want to slow down for those snuggled up feedings I so looked forward to. My third and last baby was born last month, and while now I work from home and don't have to pump nearly as much as I did with her siblings, I am also so much more aware of how fleeting this time is in our children's lives. 


It's not always easy, and it's certainly rarely glamorous - to say the least! But you are doing amazing things with your body for your baby. Stick with it, because before you know it you'll be retiring your breast pump for good. #withyoueveryounce