Bree C.'s Personal Pumping Story

I thought breastfeeding while working would be SO easy because I work part-time from home. I envisioned myself hiding in my bedroom at my desk working all day while my daughter played with her nanny or went for walks. I thought I would pump and happily stock the fridge and freezer with plenty of milk, and we would all be set! Of course, it didn't quite work out like that. I had a lot of trouble with my first pump and couldn't send enough milk out to the kitchen to get through the day. Even when she slept through the night and I woke up to pump, I barely kept up. I quickly got over my hang-ups about supplementing with formula, but I knew I could do more. I saw a wonderful lactation consultant who encouraged me to rent a hospital grade pump, and I turned my master bathroom into a lactation room and office ;) I ordered a giant box of yummy Oat Mama granola bars, and got to work.  Some days got hairy, but for the most part, I kept up. On days when I'd leave my home office, I'd take my smaller pump (in my jay elle bag!) and bring home enough milk to get through the next day. It took a long time to get into a good rhythm, and now that we have a decent supply in the freezer my daughter is nearly a year old! I know the end of our nursing days is near, but it has meant so much to me to be able to make it this far. I know she likes the cuddly bonding time of breastfeeding, and I have enjoyed it more than I imagined. I definitely couldn't have done it without my village of coaches, friends, and supplies!